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About Us

And The Timeless Charm of

1884 On The Bluff

We're Doug & JoDee Krotz; and, we hold a romantic vision for our old-world property, rich in historic charm. We think sharing such a profoundly rooted site honors those by which it's heart and soul evolved. 

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Our Story

We’re Doug & JoDee Krotz. We met as kids in Texas but married later in life, in 2010, in Fort Worth. Over our years together we’ve collaborated on creating events from art auctions, fundraisers, reunions and weddings. All along, we held a dream of one day living in the country, in Iowa, (where Doug was born).  

Rooted on the Bluff of Montrose, Iowa, sits a 15-acre, old-world property. We restored a historic banked barn, old stone home, and quaint outbuilding to an authentic aesthetic, honoring the past, and creating a space for a wedding experience wrapped in woodland-lined landscaping and romantic wonder.

In August of 2018 we found, fell in love, and purchased the old barn and old stone farmhouse as a passion project to restore and create a wedding venue.  We named the property 1884 On The Bluff from the year’s inscription etched in granite above the door of the limestone farmhouse. 


It surely would’ve been easier to push the old, broken barn over and start anew; but we wanted more the joy from effort that makes a great story. So, Doug devoured debris around this old barn – inside and out - and under too. We could’ve counted tree trimmings and brush piles like merit badges. We heartily called upon our love, patience, and, faith as we secured planks, removed planks, replaced planks, and examined boards, splinter to end. We purchased new wood, old wood, and labored the process. There have been design elements eliminated, added, worked-in, discarded, started new, and finished.


We think there’s a palpable romance here - under the evergreens and towering trees. 'Love' was spoken on these grounds even well before 1884. This land, once inhabited by the Sauc & Fox Indians and later assigned as part of The Half Breed Tract, elevates the sense. There is a silent substance of Earth’s deep greens and the dense old vines climbing the trees that quickens your heart. We believe so much unseen is also here. 


Love, nature and time are each a powerful wonderment. Old houses, old places, a heart’s delight, and rooted nature are all woven with romance. There are charming features reminding you: you’re somewhere special and you’re wrapped in warmth and history. Over 137 summers. Over 137 winters. And, it would be our heart’s delight to think it could be here 100 more. Hearts are moved here. So, naturally, we think 1884 is a perfect place to begin a lovely love story.


We believe the heart of every story lies in the details. And, the details here are forged in time, and time makes things here priceless and magical. So, we’ve a stronghold on the authenticity of the old-world romance all around 1884. We hope to honor all who’ve plowed the way here for over 137 years and each enchanted moment that happened to create even the openings from wood knots allowing light to throw sun spots across the barn and streaks of sunbeams through the open seams.


Many souls will continue to be united here amidst these soldiering trees and life’s blessings will continually be celebrated here. What could be a greater legacy for us to hope to be a part? We invite you to become a part of this truly timeless and epic book of love. Celebrate your perfect wedding ceremony at our cozy, old-world wedding venue, tucked on the beautiful bluff in scenic, historic Magical - Montrose Iowa.

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